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August 23, 2013

We’ve landed in the suburbs of Ottawa. We’re here for the night staying in the home of my oldest friend (fifteen years and counting!).  Sadly. he’s in Boston with some other friends for the weekend helping to stimulate the local economy.  Seriously, they’ve been there for just a few hours and have already spent almost $2K at the outlet stores.  Like he said “we can’t eat for the rest of the trip, but damn, we look good.”

So tonight will be a low key evening of food prep for tomorrow. We’re doing our longest drive of the trip – about 1000km to Fredericton.  I’ll be busy shredding chicken for salads and wraps, hard boiling some eggs and cooking sweet potatoes into both mashed and chip forms.  Hopefully between all that and the snack bags I’ve already made, we won’t have to buy anything at the rest stops.

That long of a drive is hard on the body so I fully plan to take advantage of rest stops by doing 55’s during a couple of them.  Don’t know what 55’s are? Let me explain…you start by doing one bodyweight squat and ten push-ups. Then two squats and nine push-ups and so on until you end with ten squats and one push-up.  By the end of that round, you’ve done 55 of each exercise. They are killer and a great way to squeeze in a bit of cardio and toning into your day. I highly recommend them!

I’m going to attempt updating from the car tomorrow with pics of fun stuff from along the way.  I promise only half of them will be of paint test strips. It’s a weird obsession but I like to think it’s part of my charm.

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