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“Expert” Advice

August 29, 2013

Some pro-tips from my week of eating on the road:

  • Use boxed spring mix or spinach as a base for quick salads. Need protein? Buy a plain grilled chicken wrap from any fast food place (Tim Horton’s is good) and empty the contents into the salad. Toss the wrap and shake the box to mix. No need for bowls!
  • Sick of chicken? The flavoured snack cans of tuna work well and provide instant “dressing” as well. Just pay attention to the sugar content. Best bets for low sugar are lemon pepper and tomato onion.
  • Keep a ton of healthy snacks in the car. Knowing there were fruit, nuts, protein bars etc in easy reach made it easy to walk past the snack aisles at the rest stops.
  • Cook as much as you can yourself. We went grocery shopping a couple of times and made chicken, steak and seafood with roasted veggies and salad for dinners and used the leftovers for lunch. Not only was this healthier, we saved a lot of money over restaurant meals.
  • And finally, remember to treat yourself too! There was definitely some ice cream in my week (hello Black Bear Ice Cream in Halifax).

A couple more days until we’re home! We’ll be visiting friends in Ottawa and celebrating Ian’s birthday in Gananoque. Going to reflect a little more on the trip once we actually land back in town but I think I can safely say it exceeded all my expectations…especially the ice cream. Peanut butter chocolate crunch shouldn’t be legal.


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