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It’s All Fun and Games

August 29, 2013

…until the tent starts leaking.

Had a fantastic day…explored a large part of the Cabot Trail, walked around Baddeck and spent a chunk of time in the Alexander Graham Bell museum (yes, we’re nerds).

We also visited a “fish trailer” to buy supplies for dinner. Literally a guy who drives around with fresh seafood for sale in the back of his trailer. We chose haddock from Cape Breton and a huge bag of mussels from New Brunswick. I’ve cooked plenty of seafood in my time but never while camping (obviously) so I was already at a disadvantage and then it started raining. Please now picture me wearing a disposable poncho, hunched over a camping stove trying to create a tomato broth to steam the mussels and, at the same time, keep the haddock steak from burning. Oh and then the mosquitoes started buzzing around. So yeah. I may have uttered a few choice words. But in the end, it all tasted delicious and my reputation as newbie camping queen was secured.

And then I went into the tent. And it was wet. Not just damp, but soaked through the sleeping bags and mattress, puddles on the floor and dripping from the ceiling wet. Apparently the water proof tent wasn’t even all that water resistant.

Half an hour later we’re holed up in nearby motel drying out. As much as I would love to say I toughed it out, my desire for the camping queen title only goes so far. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to hang our stuff all over the room to dry.

Tomorrow – back to Fredericton!

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