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The Routine

September 3, 2013

Well I’m back at home and settling into the normal routine again. Gym, office, home, bed and repeat.

Gym – I can’t tell you how excited I was to hit the gym! Even though I worked out on vacation, it wasn’t at the same intensity and obviously the “equipment” was a little haphazard. I decided to do circuits of the following:

Mountain Climbers (30 seconds)
Kettlebell Swings (20 reps)
Kettlebell Rounds (20 reps each direction)
Push-ups (20 reps)

Alternating lunges with dumbbells (10 each side)
Sumo squat with kettlebell (20 reps)
Dumbbell rows (15 reps)
Decline push-ups (15 reps)

Hanging leg lifts (15 reps)
Hanging leg tucks (15 reps)

I did each circuit four times with a one minute break at the end of each circuit (no resting between exercises). Needless to say I met my goal of being a sweaty hurt bag when I was done.

Office – Arrived as per usual at 7:30 this morning and spent the entire day cleaning out my inbox and catching up on what I missed. I also told anyone who would listen that Ian and I are retiring on the east coast because I’ve completely fallen in love with it, and also, houses are stupid cheap out there. It really reinfornces how insane the Toronto housing market is when you can buy a cute house on the waterfront for less than $200K at the top end in Nova Scotia.

Home – Laundry is done (is there anything worse than post-vacation laundry?), we are fully stocked with groceries again and I’m back in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Tonight we had honey drizzled salmon, steamed green beans and cauliflower “rice”. Tomorrow we’re having grilled sole fillets, a kale salad and mashed sweet potatoes. Simple, yes. But absolutely delicious and proves that healthy doesn’t need to be boring and/or complicated!

Bed – Can I just say how nice it is to be back in the king size bed here at home? As much as I loved our trip there’s just something nice about curling up in your own bed.

So that’s it! Back to life…back to reality.

You’re welcome for getting that song stuck in your head.

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