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Love Hurts

September 6, 2013

Is there anything better than the knowledge that the Friday of a short week is right around the corner? Especially when that short week follows vacation? I think not!!

I’m signed up for the Toronto Island 10K on Sunday morning but am seriously debating whether I’ll be able to do it. I love running so, so much but it definitely doesn’t love me. In the past three years, I’ve developed (at various times) shin splints, a wonky hip and a second degree adductor tear. That tear took forever to heal and kept me off the road for a couple of months at the start of 2013. Now I have heel spurs. Heel spurs are a bitch because there’s not much you can do to cure them other than various stretches, orthopedic inserts and NOT RUNNING. Oh and surgery if they get bad enough, but let’s not go there.

Needless to say, I’m still running. <shame>

My compromise has been to severely curtail the length and amount, but I’m still doing at least one or two 5Ks a week along with one day of sprint intervals during my HIIT workouts. I really need to just stop completely, but it’s hard because I was finally getting back to 40K+ a week after my time off earlier this year. I’ve been working harder at the gym and incorporating more HIIT into my workouts to try to burn off the excess energy, and it works to an extent, but it’s still not the road. It’s not running at sunrise when it’s peaceful and quiet and there’s nothing but your feet pounding on the pavement. Of course that pounding, ironically enough, is the exact reason I have the spurs.

So much of my identity is wrapped up in running, but I don’t want it to be the reason I’m effectively crippled in five years. So help! I need something to make me forget about running for a while. Think of it as the rebound relationship of exercise. Thoughts??

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