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November 26, 2013

So this happened:


The rest of my birthday weekend consisted mainly of eating large amounts of cake, chocolate and peanut butter cookies. Sadly there are no pictures of the food as I ate it all before it could be recorded for posterity.

As much as I enjoyed indulging all weekend, it felt good to get back to my usual dietary habits today. That blood sugar roller coaster can get to be a bit much after a while. In case you’re looking to recover from a similar weekend, I highly recommend eating the following for at least one week:

  • A high protein breakfast (unflavoured protein shake, a couple of eggs and/or some ground lean chicken)
  • Lunch and dinner should both have a big leafy salad (think spring mix, chard, kale etc) along with chicken or fish. Any other cruciferous veggie is good as well.
  • Snacks can include veggies such as cucumber and celery, raw almonds or other nuts (unsalted of course), cheese and canned fish.

You’ll notice there’s no fruit listed and only specific types of veggies. My aim is get over the sugar cravings as quickly as possible by “starving” my body of all sources of sugar – natural or processed. Once I feel back to my old self, I’ll return to my usual diet and add back in some fruit with my breakfast and root veggies at dinner. I don’t eat grains of any kind other than special occasions (like ones involving cake) so if you do, I guess add those back in around the time you start eating fruit again.

As usual friends, remember I’m only sharing what works for me and your mileage may vary. Happy sugar crash!

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