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Clear Skies…Clear Head

December 6, 2013

Spent a warm December day hiking in Rouge Valley with Ian and Riley. Between the gorgeous day, spending some uninterrupted time with my sweetie and the physical activity, this was easily the highlight of my week off. It’s days like yesterday that remind me how very lucky I am and make me grateful for my partner and the life we’ve built together.


Check out that sun!

Riley had an absolute blast running through the woods and down the trails ahead of us. I had a moment of panic when he fell into the river and couldn’t get back onto the bank but he was smart enough to paddle a couple of feet down to a shallow area and jump back on to solid ground. Needless to say he was then put back on the leash until we put some distance between us and the river.


Early December or late March? You decide!


End of the hike. A wee bit disheveled!

It was so warm that Ian and I had to take off our winter jackets and hiked in t-shirts. We both got a great sweat on especially climbing some of the mud covered, slippery hills. So not only did we have a chance to get away from all our daily distractions and stress and just concentrate on each other, we got a bit of a work out in as well.  Nothing wrong with that!

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