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Day One

January 2, 2014

NOTE: This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I guess I didn’t hit publish? Gah! So annoying! Anyway, here’s my Jan 1st post…

Well that’s it for another year friends. It was a great year as I mentioned in my birthday post and Ian and I celebrated with dinner, a movie and some yummy snacks and chocolate. I may or may not have gone to bed around 11:30 after almost falling asleep on the couch. Ian tells me he was asleep about twenty minutes later so at least he didn’t welcome the new year in by himself.

I hit the gym early then Ian and I went on a mid-morning hike with Riley down by the lake. We did the same thing on New Year’s Day 2013 in Rouge Valley and I really hope it becomes an annual tradition for us. There’s something about being out in the crisp January air when so much of the city is hibernating. The world just seems new somehow…like that fresh start we’re all promised is actually true.

So this is the time of year we’re all supposed to make resolutions. I’m not big on them, but one thing I want to focus on this year is becoming more consistent with writing/blogging. A couple of entries ago I said I would try to post four times a week and, as you know, that definitely didn’t happen. I could blame it on starting a new job and the usual December craziness catching up with me but I’m not really an excuse kind of girl. So here we go. My very bold resolution for 2014 is to blog EVERY DAY. That’s right – 365 days of Sara. It’s going to be tough but I received some great advice from someone on Twitter who said that even if the post is just a couple of sentences at least it’s something. Hopefully I don’t bore the hell out of everyone!


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