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January 14, 2014

So excited! I have found my horse back riding academy (mentioned in my entry here) and am signing up for the introductory course starting in March. Eight weeks later I will know how to properly ride – at least I hope I will – and the first item will be checked off my 2014 bucket list.

Swimming lessons are a whole other story.  I think the best route for me are private lessons so I can have one on one instruction but it seems like most places which offer this option require the client to have access to a pool.  The City of Toronto does offer private and semi-private lessons but you don’t get to vet your instructor.  Of course these could all be excuses I’m just telling myself to avoid signing up. So if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, please send them my way!

Still deciding on the two other races for this year and am just about to talk Ian into Tough Mudder in August. From what I hear though, I’ll need to conquer that fear of the water in order to complete all the obstacles, so I better sign up for some damn lessons.

This is me kicking 2014’s ass.  How are you doing on your resolutions and/or bucket list??

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