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Bluegrass and Bacon

January 18, 2014

Sausage actually. But then there wouldn’t have been that cool title alliteration.

If you live in Toronto and have yet to check out the Bluegrass Brunch at Dakota Tavern, what are you waiting for?! I finally got around to going today and am kicking myself for not visiting sooner.

Brunch is all you can eat and served family style (aka big platters of food for the table) and includes pancakes, sausages, scrambled eggs, potatoes and fruit.  The food was nothing fancy but it was delicious.  There were definitely no complaints at my table about the pound of butter I’m sure they use in those yummy scrambled eggs. It’s a bit on the pricey side at $18 per adult ($7 for kids), however they do keep the food coming until everyone at the table taps out.

But what really makes this stand out from the usual brunch experience is the live bluegrass band playing the stage up front and the kids running around and dancing in that awesomely cute little kid way. With this in mind, it’s probably not your best bet if you’re either hungover or looking for somewhere low key to eat your eggs. This is a loud, cheerful, rambunctious place to go with friends and listen to some great music while laughing way too loud and long over everything that’s happened since you’ve last seen each other.

Impressed with Dakota for figuring out a way to really stand out in the plethora of restaurants in Toronto that serve brunch. Will be back for sure!

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