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Sprinting into the Week

January 20, 2014

I’m a few weeks into the new workout and feeling good about it overall.  My one concern was that my sprint intervals (1 min sprint / 2 minute recovery for 20 minutes) were starting to feel pretty routine. Dug around the internet a little bit over the weekend and found some great suggestions on Fitsugar.

This article grabbed me since it had three options which can all be done on a treadmill and are fairly straightforward. I went for the third program (Run Faster) but modified it slightly.  I’m trying to be mindful of my propensity for injury and figured it probably wasn’t a good idea to dive into 6% inclines right away.  Basically I kept the same splits and speeds but didn’t go above a 4% incline.

Verdict: The recovery speed is SO slow (4.5)  that I felt like I was speed walking.  I ended up increasing it to just over 6 for most of the splits.  I also felt like I recovered fairly quickly after the run but that might have been due to decreasing the recommended incline. I’m going to try it again on Wednesday with a slight up tick to 5% to see what happens. Overall a good change from the usual and one that I’ll put in the rotation.

If you try a program from the Fitsugar article or have a recommendation for a good treadmill sprint program, let me know  in the comments!

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