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Eating Well Eating Out

January 22, 2014

Had a great catch-up dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in far too long. We decided to go to Pizzeria Defina on Roncesvalles, my extended ‘hood.

It isn’t always easy keeping things healthy when you eat out, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. I had a fantastic and satisfying dinner by eating a few things from the “small plates” menu rather than going for a big pasta dish or pizza. I love that this restaurant, although obviously focused on pizza (which they do very well), also has some other options on the menu that give their customers some room to play.

There are eight vegetable dishes on the small plates menu as well as four dinner salad options. Although some are either battered or smothered in cheese (hello saturated fats!), there are also a few grilled and warmed choices as well. I went with the warm kale salad and grilled bok choy for my veggies and rounded those out with the very yummy wild boar meatballs. I probably could have done with just one veggie dish as they were both generously portioned, but I have a hard time feeling guilty over eating extra vegetables!

All that being said, there are always hidden calories, sodium and fats in restaurant meals. That’s why it’s important to eat the majority of your meals at home where you can control what goes into your food.  Make the best choices you can while you’re out and definitely ENJOY what you’re eating. Just remember, no-one is as concerned with your health as you!

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