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Date Night!

January 25, 2014

Finally got to see Anchorman 2 tonight. Liked it overall but I’m not sure there was really a full movie there.  It felt more like a bunch of skits forced into a story arc.  One of the funnier parts of the evening wasn’t even in the movie – it was in the audience.  A guy a few rows back would shush the ENTIRE AUDIENCE every time we laughed. I’m not sure if he was under the impression he was going to see a drama or he just didn’t feel the movie was worthy of laughter, but he was not at all pleased with the noise.  Of course that made me (and several other people by the sounds of it) laugh harder.  I kept picturing this man getting madder and madder that he wasn’t able to hear the COMEDY over the audience LAUGHING.

Before the movie, we went to the Mad Mexican for dinner. Decided we had to try it after the pictures in this BlogTO review. So yummy my friends! I had a big house salad which was basically spring mix with salsa verde and some kind of lime based dressing. Very light and satisfying. Also ordered two tacos – the grilled fish and the lamb.  The lamb was my favourite mainly because I love lamb, but I also found the fish taco a little on the soggy side.  Ian ordered the same but also got the fajita taco which was outstanding (yes I stole a bite). Didn’t get any of the amazing looking house made chips and gauc but that will definitely be a splurge next time we head over.  After last night’s M&M attack and knowing we were headed to the movies, I decided to save my calories for a small serving of popcorn.

Good thing I had that 8.5 mile run this morning! Looking forward to super-setting back and chest tomorrow!

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