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Big Night

January 30, 2014

Just got home after seeing Big Night at the Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles. It was part of their Epicure series in which they pair a movie with food from local restaurants. Had some yumminess provided by Pizzeria Defina (read my review of them here) and few other Roncey favourites including the Westerly. Ian and I are having our wedding reception at the Westerly so I was pretty stoked to see them in the line-up providing some delicious lamb meatballs.

The movie itself was just so good. I have no idea how this movie flew under my radar for so long but I need to watch it again soon. The story line, the relationships, the passion…it was just one of those movies that speaks to you. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, go download it now. It’s from 1996, so you’ll definitely find it floating on the internet somewhere.

Now excuse me while I break my no-pasta rule to find a recipe for timpano (you’ll understand when you see the film).

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