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Post Food Regret

February 3, 2014

Alright, hands up…who ate like crap yesterday? I’ll admit to sneaking a few handfuls of Tostitos along with my homemade sweet potato “chips”. But that’s okay because they were low sodium. At least that’s what I told myself last night.

But really, it is okay if you went off the deep end and had ALL OF THE FOOD. We all do it occasionally. I firmly believe that saying “to hell with it” now and then keeps us all sane. Sure you might have woken up with some belly bloat and a puffy face but chances are all you need is some extra water and a good sweat session at the gym to get rid of them. Personally I did 30 minutes of sprint intervals this morning then had left over pulled pork along with my salad at lunch. It was the perfect way to get back on track and tasted even better than it did yesterday with the Tostitos.

All that being said, if you woke up thinking “detox”, you can try the diet reset I recommended after the epic weekend of eating around my birthday. It works for me when I’ve gone way overboard…hope you find it helpful!

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