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Outta the Kitchen!

February 5, 2014

Just got home from an impromptu date night with Ian.  We realized that, due to some other plans, we wouldn’t have time to have dinner together tonight if I cooked, and Ian greatly dislikes the kitchen, so he offered to take me out.

We went to the Westerly on Roncesvalles, the restaurant we’ve booked for our wedding “reception” (really just a dinner).   Interestingly, although we’ve booked it, we’ve never actually had dinner there.  Oh, we’ve had a hundred brunches, but dinner has always alluded us. Seeing as they’ll play a pretty big part in our celebration, it was definitely time to check them out.

VERDICT – Success!

I had a beautiful seared duck breast which was cooked to medium rare and came with lentils and sauteed artichokes. Perfection. Ian had the lamb sheppard’s pie and, let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with lamb. The server also brought over fresh sour dough bread for him to sop up some of the gravy – love that!

And the deserts. Let’s talk about those. I had the pear/cherry/almond crumble. I was beyond full about half way through it, but couldn’t. stop. eating. My stomach actually hurts right now and I’m okay with it. The winner though was definitely the chocolate/caramel/pecan tart that Ian ordered. It was so good that I think we’ll need to add it as one of the desert choices on the wedding menu.

So happy that we’ve affirmed our choice in restaurant, especially since it holds a special place in both our hearts. Will need to go back again soon and try the whey-fed pork chop that was also calling my name. Not until I finally work off that desert though…should only take, oh a few hours on the treadmill!

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