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So It Begins

February 8, 2014

Note: thought I published this last night but I didn’t. So consider this yesterday’s post and look for another one later today.


I’m in beautiful Ottawa, the place I consider my second home. Not because I’d ever live here again, but because of the great friends I have in this city. Looking forward to seeing some of them for the first time since last summer, which is far too long but sometimes life just gets in the way, you know?

J and I have already spent the vast majority of the afternoon catching up/gossiping. Also, eating. He knows me well and had a bag of Oreos waiting for me when I arrived. The package is Olympic themed so of course we had to have some while the Opening Ceremonies played in the background and we talked each other’s ears off.

Tomorrow is Winterlude which means I’ll be in about twenty layers of clothing to try and keep warm skating on the canal. Can’t wait to get out there and work off these cookies and tomorrow’s Beavertail  and potluck dinner!

See you on the ice Ottawa!

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