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Did Someone Say Tacos?

February 20, 2014

Just got back from a quick bite at Playa Cabana.  Haven’t been since my epic birthday dinner last year and thankfully kept the meal in check this time around. They’ve added some new stuff to the menu including an appetizer sized spicy grilled calamari with pear salad. Not spicy in name only, there was a definite kick to the marinade with a lot of flavour beyond the heat.

I was happy to see they now provide the option of a lettuce “tortilla” for their tacos.  It’s a small piece of Boston that has trouble standing up to the fillings, but it does the trick.  I went with my usual Al Pastor (spicy pork and pineapple) and the Pulpa (octopus and chorizo). At some point I will need to mix it up, but these two are so good I have trouble considering anything else. I swear I have dreams about the Pulpa.

It would be a lot of fun to go back and order the new 32 oz bone-in steak that’s recommended for sharing with a group of people.  Apparently it’s served as just a big hunk of meat on a plate which sounds kind of amazing and kind of scary at the same time.

Anyway, moving on. No chips, gauc, desert or margaritas this time around. Much easier on the wallet and the waistline!

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