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February 27, 2014

Completed a timed run at the gym today to see how I’m doing against my goal time of 45 minutes at the Yonge St 10K in April.  I ran out of time at just over 9K, so not too shabby.  My fear is that I’ll be quite a bit slower once I’m out on the road, but I just don’t have it in me to test that theory when it’s so cold out. Seriously, we’re two days from March and it’s going down to -30 degrees tonight. WHAT THE HELL.

In other news, my hyper-extended elbow has been healing nicely.  I actually have a visible elbow bone again, the bruising is completely gone and most of the remaining pain is centred in my wrist/forearm. I even managed to do some VERY light weights on Tuesday (9lbs – GAH!) with a fair amount of success. Planning to try a few more weight bearing exercises this weekend…maybe some lat pull-downs and would love to do some chest stuff as well.  I have a feeling my bench strength will be seriously diminished, but better light than nothing at all! Figured it would take about a month to recover and I’m at three weeks right now so pretty much right on schedule.

Tomorrow’s my rest day although I kind of feel like another run. Guess we’ll see if I can talk myself into staying in bed for an extra hour in the morning. Come to think of it, with this weather, it might not be a hard sell!

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