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March 1, 2014

I just finished eating about a dozen dried figs. That was unnecessary.  At least there aren’t any more in the house so it won’t be repeated. Not sure what it is about dried fruit, but I will eat it like there’s no tomorrow. Dried apricots? Give them to me. You won’t see me eat more than one or two regular apricots, but dry them out and I’m good for ten at a time. And don’t get me started on trail mix with raisins or cranberries. My name is Sara and I have a dried fruit problem.

Killed a 13.5K run this morning in 65 minutes. I’m at about 9.5K in 45 minutes so getting closer and closer to my goal. I swear some days the running is the only thing that keeps the dried fruit weight in check.

Picked up some fresh salmon fillets from our fish store for dinner tonight.  I was thinking of making maple baked salmon but now that I’ve had ALL OF THE SUGAR in fruit form, I might just go with some simple herbs and lemon. Depending on what I make and how it goes, I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

Date night tonight! Going to see Non-Stop which is totally my choice and I will own it. Ian is mostly looking forward to the popcorn.  I swear he only goes to the movies so he can eat the popcorn. Oh and we’ll be sneaking in cans of Fresca because we are bad ass rebels.

Feeling like this post is a little scattered which makes sense because I’ve been like Dug in the movie Up! all day. SQUIRREL!


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