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Crave-able Kale

March 5, 2014

I’ve been craving kale quite a bit lately. Not sure why since it’s not exactly something I’d typically dream about (I’m looking at you pizza), but it’s definitely happening.

If you’re thinking about adding this nutritional powerhouse to your diet, try some of these:

  • Raw in salads in place of your usual greens (“massage” the leaves with some olive oil to make them sweet and pliable – no I’m not joking).
  • Sauteed with other veggies – add them in during the last five minutes of cooking and let them wilt down.
  • Add them to sauces for pasta/spaghetti squash/kelp noodles.
  • Blanch them for a few minutes in boiling water then toss with balsamic.
  • Blend them into your morning smoothie or protein shake (I’m trying this one tomorrow post-workout).
  • Make a superfood coleslaw with shredded kale, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts and cranberries.
  • Kale chips!

Not craving it yet? Check out these stats: One cup of chopped kale is only 33 calories and contains more Vitamin C than an orange, provides 133% of your daily Vitamin A and is a great source of calcium too.  It’s even better for you when eaten with healthy fats which help the body absorb its phytonutrients (fancy!) so go to town with that olive oil or avocado.

Yum! Can’t wait for my banana/kale/vanilla protein shake in the AM!


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