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Food Regret

March 8, 2014

Oh birthdays. You don’t make it easy to eat right. I managed to stay on the straight and narrow at the restaurant with grilled salmon and veggies, but then we came home and there was vegan chocolate cheescake which is basically just cashew cream on an almond crust and a whole lot of cocoa. I probably don’t want to know the calorie and fat content in a slice of that cake. Kind of made me regret the Cadbury Easter eggs I consumed earlier. GAH.

On the bright side, I did have my long run this morning. On the not so bright side, still haven’t hit my goal but I’m inching closer every week. Completed 9.5K in 45 minutes. Frustrating to be that close especially since I ran so hard that I had very little left in the tank for the rest of my run and ended up cashing out at 12.5K. I really have to remind myself that you can’t necessarily achieve a speed goal AND a distance goal in the same run. If I’m going to increase my distance successfully, I have to be willing to run at a slightly slower pace.

In any case, tomorrow is a brand new day and I’ll get back on track with a whole lot of salad, very lean protein and a kick ass weights session. Don’t forget to turn the clocks forward tonight and say good-bye to that hour of sleep!

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  1. RainyWriter permalink

    agghhh on losing that hour. Just when it was getting light enough outside to ride my bike in to work … alas….

    By the way, the 45 minutes seems fast to me! I’m more of a 30 minute 5K person at this point. 🙂

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