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Last Blast?

March 12, 2014

It’s March 12th. There is 15cms of snow on the ground and it’s going to be -30 degrees tonight with the wind chill. What. The. Hell. As one of my colleagues pointed out, spring officially arrives next week and it feels like the middle of January.

Had a good run at the gym this morning. Decided to give myself a break and instead of my usual harder/faster approach, I ran at a comfortable clip for 45 minutes. Challenging, but not killing myself, and definitely not worrying about my timed distance goal. Lo and behold I still managed to do 9K. That was a bit of an eye opener! I might actually be able to relax a bit on the speed training before April 13th.

Tomorrow is another Squat Circuit day. With Friday being both my rest day and the start of my weekend road trip to Ottawa, I probably won’t work out again until Sunday. I’ll need to pack a lot into tomorrow’s session and might include some additional cardio (skipping? rowing?) just for the hell of it. What I should do, is take advantage of the extended winter, get outside and shovel the snow and maybe go for a long walk. But you and I both know that is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.  We can talk about being active outside again when the weather reflects the time of year.

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One Comment
  1. RainyWriter permalink

    You all are getting hammered with a long winter indeed.

    And 9K … to me that is a long distance … I have only logged (1) 8K run as my longest … and at far less than a slow speed 🙂

    Have a safe and fun trip too!

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