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Holy Octopus Batman!

March 13, 2014

Tried the octopus salad at Playa Cabana for dinner tonight! Happy to report that it’s as good as everything else on the menu. And who knew octopus was so good for you? Not me until I looked up the nutritional info after I got home.┬áThree ounces of octopus has 25 grams of protein and over FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT of your RDI of B-12. That’s on top of 45% Iron and 30% B-6. All that for about 140 calories. Needless to say I will be finding ways to include more octopus in my diet.

I also had 3 lettuce leaf tacos: beef shortrib, pulled chicken and pork/pineapple. Those were probably not nearly as good for me but I console myself with the fact that I skipped the empty corn tortilla calories.

Good end to a day that started off with 240 squats, a twenty minute run and some ab/core work. You know you’ve worked it when it hurts to take a deep breath. Booyah!

If all goes according to plan I’ll be on my way to Ottawa tomorrow after lunch so my next post will be from the road. Needless to say I’ll be avoiding the Canal like the plague this time around!

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