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No Arcade Fire For You!

March 14, 2014

I’m supposed to be in Ottawa right now heading to the Arcade Fire concert but instead I’m stuck on my couch in Toronto. Ian ended up having to work at the last minute thanks to a huge client project so our road trip was cancelled. The half day vacation I booked has been used to do grocery shopping, laundry and dishes. Not exactly how I’d like to spend my vacation days.

I won’t lie – I’m disappointed and feeling sulky. I feel bad for Ian too since AF is pretty much his favourite band and all anyone can talk about in this city is the show they played here YESTERDAY. That’s right, they were in town last night and we didn’t see them because we wanted to see them in Ottawa with our friends out there. GAH.

I consoled myself this afternoon by buying a small package of chocolate protein powder along with my usual unflavoured tub. My post-run protein shake tomorrow will consist of the chocolate powder, spinach and a banana. I might even throw a scoop of PB2 in there just because I’m crazy like that. The thought of that shake should get me through tonight and the urge to eat my emotions by pretending to celebrate Pi Day with a trip over to the Pie Shack. Seriously, there is a place in my neighbourhood that sells nothing but the most amazing pies you have ever eaten and a “slice” is a quarter of a pie. Needless to say I try to stay out of there.

15K tomorrow! Not shooting myself in the foot again (ha!) by trying to hit my 10K speed goal at the same time as the longer distance goal. I’m guessing it will take me about 70-80 minutes for the full 15K.

Happy Friday all! Sorry to be such a downer! I’m sure tomorrow’s post will be sunshine and rainbows again!

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  1. RainyWriter permalink

    Stoopid work stuffs. Sorry the two of you missed the concert.

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