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Sunshine & Rainbows

March 15, 2014

So today was a MUCH better day.

Started it off right with 15.65K in 80 minutes (woohoo!), skipped the protein shake and went with Ian to our favourite diner for breakfast. I had an omelette with spinach, mushrooms and ham with a salad on the side and Ian went for the gusto – steak, eggs, homefries and toast.  Truth be told I was a little jealous of that steak but my omelette was pretty delicious. Of course after 15K they could have fed me cardboard and I would have happily eaten it.

We also visited with my folks and took Riley down to the lake then I cooked up a yummy stuffed buttercup squash for dinner. Now we’re settling in for the night with the last few episodes of True Detective. LOVING that show!!

Oh and that stuffed squash? Super easy. Cook up your ground meat of choice with whatever spices you like while roasting the squash in a 425 degree oven. When the squash is cooked through, scoop out both halves, mix with the ground meat and put the mixture back in the hollowed out skins. Sprinkle with cheese and bake a little longer. BOOM. Dinner. Done.

Bonus: there was a bunch of meat and squash left over which will make for a good breakfast tomorrow after a weights session at the gym.

So yeah. Good day.

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  1. RainyWriter permalink

    15.65K? I take it you were running for a particular amount of time then?

    And … that squash dinner sounds totally yum!

    • Yes! I went for 80 minutes and figured out my distance afterwards…if I had known I was that close to 16K I would have kept going! LOL

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