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Easing Into The Week

March 16, 2014

Had a pretty indulgent Sunday including a pedicure, brunch, a walk in High Park and a nap with Ian and Riley on the couch. Still not sure how the three of us managed to position ourselves so we were all able to lie down and sleep for an hour, but it happened and it was glorious!

After I peeled myself off the couch I spent some time in the kitchen making our lunches and snacks for the week while watching Netflix on my laptop. It’s been my Sunday afternoon ritual for years. I’ve gone through all the seasons of How I Met Your Mother, The New Girl and various cooking shows all while chopping up piles of veggies, boiling eggs, cooking chicken and making salads. Makes those hectic work days way easier when everything is stacked in the fridge ready to grab and go.

I also tried making these no-bake almond/apricot bars but I didn’t have raw almonds so I substituted in almond butter. That didn’t really work and they just stayed soft and mushy even after sitting in the freezer. The flavour was great though so I think I might try throwing them in the oven. Maybe the consistency will be better as almond/apricot cookies?

Sprint intervals tomorrow. Interested to see how those go after almost 16K yesterday and the legs/shoulders/arms split I did today. Think I’ll hit the sack early-ish tonight and end this lazy Sunday in style.

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