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It’s In You to Give!

March 19, 2014

Had one of those crazy days when you’re running around so much that you end up spending maybe a grand total of half an hour at your desk the entire time you’re in the office. Would love to know how many steps I took today. I should start wearing a pedometer.

If you follow me on Twitter (or just read my tweets on the sidebar) you’ll know that I donated blood today for the first time. Not sure why I haven’t done it before…I guess I always had a slight unease with the process, but wow, is it ever easy. Once you get through the paperwork and screening it takes no time at all.  I was there for about 45 minutes and less than ten minutes of that was actually giving blood. The nurses are very nice and take great care of you (especially if you have a “first time donor” sticker) and then of course there are the snacks afterwards. I was led to believe there would just be some plain biscuits but there was pizza, various chips/pretzel snack bags and OREOS. Honestly, it was tempting to just have some semblance of a dinner there.  In the end though, I came home and made salmon and sauteed brussel sprouts/apples along with a salad. Finished it off with one of the cookies from the clinic for desert.  I feel like that’s a well rounded “I just lost a pint of blood” dinner.

Seriously though, if you haven’t donated before (or recently), think about doing it! Each donation can help up to three people. You never know when it might be someone you love needing that help.

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  1. RainyWriter permalink


    Sometimes the questions seem bizarre to me … but they have to ask them. But …. we don’t have pizza here! WOW. You are lucking out at your place. We have juice and cookies though.

    And … once, there was this lady there who was actually RACING to see how fast she could fill the bag. She was not racing against anyone else….just the clock. It was weird but strangely transfixing to watch as she pumped her fist.

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