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No Effort

March 21, 2014

Finally at the end to a crazy busy week. We have the kids tonight and are taking it easy with pizza from Vesuivo and a movie on Netflix.  I guess that makes today my “cheat” day.  I was kind of hoping for a healthier dinner, but sometimes you just have to take the path of least resistance.

Today is also my rest day. It’s the first day I’ve taken off from the gym in two weeks (naughty!), but I’m really looking forward to my long run in the morning. I was thinking it might finally be time  to run outside, but apparently winter isn’t quite over yet.  We’re getting snow and freezing rain overnight and tomorrow. At this point, I’m half convinced that we’re going to completely skip spring and summer and transition right back into fall.  Now there’s a depressing thought to start the weekend!

Anyway it’s time for my Friday Coke Zero and a change into some pjs. 16K tomorrow!

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  1. Have a great run tomorrow!!!

  2. RainyWriter permalink

    What movie?

    And hope you have a good run…an inside run I take it?

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