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March 23, 2014

I think I need a day to recover from this weekend. I honestly don’t know how we manage to cram so many activities into two days. Between chauffeuring the kids, running errands, doing chores and preparing all the lunches for the week, we also managed to spend about five hours on Ian’s dad’s farm today. It was a beautiful (but COLD) day and the kids had a blast playing in the huge amount of snow they still have north of the city and visiting the spring lambs. I stayed warmly ensconced in the kitchen with Ian’s step-mother chatting over tea about their upcoming road trip to Alaska this summer. It sounds like they’ll be gone for about six weeks and don’t have much of an agenda other than checking out a couple of specific points. They plan to just go where the road takes them and explore based on recommendations of people they meet along the way. Now THAT sounds like a great way to spend the summer doesn’t it?

A few years ago I managed to swing it so I had a month off in the summer. I had big plans to see and accomplish some great things. Instead, I went to Ottawa my first week off, got bit by a Lyme disease carrying tick and spent the next three weeks on crazy antibiotics that made me want to sleep pretty much 24/7. Two years before THAT, I was laid off with a good financial package in the spring and decided to take the summer off.  My Summer of Sara plans were scuttled by a pothole which I tripped in during a morning run. I spent the rest of that summer in a cast.

So yeah, I don’t have good luck with my best laid plans. They most definitely go awry. No big plans this summer but we are hoping to bike across PEI in the fall.  That’s looking more and more likely that it will be sometime next year though so at least I know I’m not in any imminent danger. That being said, I am headed back to Ottawa in a few months. Better get the ER on alert.

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