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Time for Some HIIT

March 25, 2014

After yesterday’s sleep in, I made it my goal to have a killer workout this morning. I typically only have about 45 minutes to play with during the week so this is what I came up with to maximize my burn.

It’s a chest/back workout with a cardio component to ramp it up into HIIT territory.   It works out to 20 minutes of running with 12 minutes of sprints on top of the strength training.  All sets are 15 reps and each circuit is done 3 times. The treadmill was at a .5% incline.  Minimal resting between sets!

This worked for me…your mileage may vary!

1 minute warm-up  – 7.5

1 minute sprint – 9.0
Cable flies
Bent over dumbbell rows

1 minute sprint – 9.1
Decline cable flies
Lat pull downs

1 minute sprint – 9.2
Incline dumbbell press
Seated cable rows

3 rounds of sprint intervals (1 minute – 9.2 / 2 minutes – 7.5)

1 minute cool down – 7.0

Don’t forget the most important part: walk home slowly, sweating your ass off and loving life.

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