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Almost There!

March 29, 2014

You know that old saying, you always want what you can’t have? Well now that I know I’m starting the Whole 30 on Monday, all of the sudden I want things I have eaten in YEARS. It’s actually kind of hilarious to find myself thinking “well I won’t be able to have a milkshake for the next month so I should have one now” when I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually did have one. Had to give myself a smack upside the head and that’s never fun.

Speaking of runs, had a FANTASTIC treadmill run this morning. Hard to believe, I know!  But I put Frank Turner on my Ipod and two albums later I had killed 16.5K and left the gym feeling awesome. My first outdoor run of 2014 is on deck tomorrow with a forecast of sun and 10 degrees.  It’s a recovery run so it will be a short one, but I’ll be building distance through-out the week and am hoping my long run next Saturday will be through the city at sunrise. And the weekend after that is the Yonge St. 10K. Will I hit my 45 minute goal? It’s still iffy. I’m going to find the 45 minute pace bunny and try to stick close because I think I’m only a minute or two off time right now.

New running shoes tomorrow too! Will post a picture of my new babies once I pick them up!

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