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Sunday, Busy Sunday

March 30, 2014

Another busy Sunday on the home front.  Spent the day making lunches, doing laundry, visiting parents and other assorted errands. Not going to lie, I’m kind of exhausted. For the past ten minutes I’ve been sitting on the couch staring into space and hoping the bed fairy will take care of putting clean sheets on the bed. Sadly, I have a feeling that’s probably not going to happen.

I’ve also been preparing for starting the Whole 30 tomorrow. I’ve mentally said good-bye to dried fruit, chocolate and my beloved Coke Zero. I hadn’t realized previously that I’m doing this over Easter, which means missing out on some serious eating, but I’m actually ok with that. I’m looking forward to the system reset and leaving behind the mood and energy swings that sugar brings with it.  Of course I say that now without a Cadbury Creme Egg staring me in the face.

Oh and no new shoes. Didn’t have time to make it to the Running Room after all, but hoping that will happen on Tuesday. Now to peel myself off the couch and see if the bed fairy made appearance.


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  1. Busy, busy indeed!!!

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