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And So It Begins

March 31, 2014

Coming to the end of day one of the Whole 30. I had to work offsite today and was pretty happy about it after receiving an email saying there were “honey soaked treats” in the kitchen free for the taking. Day one is always the hardest so being safely away from temptation made things a little easier.

Things I noticed:

  • I developed a raging headache around 1:00pm. I didn’t have any coffee today (this was an accident) so it might be related to caffeine withdrawal.
  • I was exhausted all afternoon (see above).
  • My mood seems to be evening out already. I was hungry quite a bit, but didn’t become “hangry” like I often do when my blood sugar drops.

I had an early dinner since I spent most of the afternoon hungry without my usual apple. Made the veggie soup again, this time replacing the turnip with fennel. Holy taste sensation! Also had a lovely salmon steak with it. Perfect way to end day one.

Tomorrow is a 10K run for time. I kind of half-assed it in the gym today so I’m looking forward to getting out there and pushing.  Day 2 ahoy!


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  1. Wow, have a great run!!! Can’t wait to hear about it!!

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