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Deep Thoughts

April 1, 2014

Happy to report my headache yesterday seems to have been related to a lack of coffee. While it does suck that I obviously have a bit of a caffeine addiction, it’s better than the other option, which was sugar-related. My two cups this morning carried me through the day sans headache and exhaustion.

Today WAS the day of sugar cravings though. At one point, Ian received a shopping list from me which included “all of the sugar things” after coffee, mustard and dog food.  It’s interesting that the only things I’ve had to cut out of my usual diet to follow the Whole 30 are an already limited sugar intake, dairy and quinoa and yet the cravings were quite intense. To be honest though, I also wonder how much of it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Would I have these cravings if I wasn’t on this diet reset? Am I thinking about certain foods more because I know I can’t have them? Realistically I wasn’t eating that badly – just a few “treats” each week rather than my usual one – and decided to nip it in the bud before it got worse. You wouldn’t think the cravings would be that bad.  Maybe part of it does go back to always wanting what you can’t have.

Deep thoughts.

Anyway, fun dinner tonight of ground chicken and sweet potato “tacos” on Boston lettuce wraps.  I literally just seasoned the ground chicken and roasted the potatoes, mixed them together and piled the filling into the lettuce. I took pity on Ian though (who is not doing the Whole 30) and made him a proper burrito with salsa, cheese and quinoa replacing the rice. Oh and tomorrow’s dinner is lamb chops with a still-to-be-determined side so I should have a good recipe to share.

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  1. My dad has the same thing happen to him- headaches from lack of coffee!! Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better today!!!

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