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My Kingdom for Some Fruit

April 7, 2014

I haven’t had any fruit in over a week other than a few strawberries (allowed on the Whole 30) and I’m really starting to miss it. At one point this afternoon I would have happily punched a baby** for an apple.  I’ve always snacked on nuts, canned tuna and veggies, so that hasn’t changed, but I’ve had to increase the amount to replace the calories from my daily fruit. Let me tell you – there is only so much canned fish or cucumber a person can eat.

We also got into the habit of having fruit for desert after dinner and it’s been difficult skipping out on that while Ian chows down. Right now he’s eating dried fruit in the kitchen and laughing somewhat maniacally over my statement  that tuna does not make a good desert. While I’m definitely looking forward to adding the odd apple or banana back into my daily diet at the end of this,  I’ll probably keep it to the mornings from here on out. Craving sugar in the evening is bad news when you consider that’s when our self-control is typically at its lowest point.

In other (good) news, I’m officially signed up for the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon on May 25th. It will be my first “official” half, although I ran that distance quite a bit before my last great injury (adductor tear). It’s only about seven weeks away so I’ll be focusing on distance training after the race this Sunday. With the addition of this event, I have three out of my goal of four races decided. Open to suggestions of good events in either Toronto or Ottawa if you have them!

Sprint intervals in the gym tomorrow. Still trying to get my speed up for Sunday and don’t know if I’ll hit my goal time but I’ll be sticking as close as I can to that pace bunny.  Here’s to a good final week of prep!

**For those who don’t get my sense of humour, I am not serious so please don’t hate spam me. I would only ever punch a baby for chocolate, not fruit. HA!

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  1. WOOHOO, you’ll be running a half marathon the day before my birthday!! Awesome!! Have a great speed workout tomorrow!! You got it!!

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