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Running Away!

April 8, 2014

People there is a long weekend on the horizon! Easter is fast approaching and this year, Ian and I are ditching the family dinners and going out of town for a little getaway.  We’ve been under some stress lately with various other life events, so when we realized we didn’t have the kids, it was all systems go for a quick  jaunt up north.

Needless to say we’re very excited and looking forward to having nothing on our agenda other than hiking, running, maybe some boating and serious hot-tub time. This does fall right in the middle of the Whole 30 which, frankly, is a HUGE pain in the ass because part of the package includes a big Easter buffet brunch. I have sussed out the menu and pretty much every dish on it has some item on the forbidden list, especially dairy.  Apparently this hotel’s chef believes Easter is all about cream sauces and cheese. Luckily there do seem to be some clean foods under the traditional breakfast items and there’s a roast leg of ham listed that sounds promising as well.  I may just take the entire leg, place it on my plate and go to town on it.  I love me some ham.


Me around ham

What about all of you? Are there big family dinners in your future or are you taking advantage of the first long weekend of spring to do something fun?

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  1. A getaway sounds so great!! Although I really wish that is what we were doing, we will probably do a big family dinner!! Have fun!! I can’t wait to read about it!!

    • It’s a tiny bit selfish bit sometimes you just have to do it, you know? Enjoy your dinner! I presume there will also be chocolate? 😉

      • I know what you mean!! A few members of my family are going away for Thanksgiving this year to Florida so that will be a nice getaway! It’s important to getaway sometimes, definitely! OH YES, my whole family is obsessed with chocolate, so there will be plenty!! THANK YOU!!!

  2. We’re visiting my family out in Texas… I have no idea what’s in store!

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