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The Hard Truth

April 10, 2014

Update: As it turns out, I was incorrect about last year’s time. I actually ran it in 48 minutes which means that my current time is slower than last year. UGH. Back to trying to think positively!


I have come to the conclusion that I won’t make my 45 minute goal time this Sunday. I really underestimated how much of a difference the treadmill makes on time even when on a slight incline. The closest I’ve been able to get the past few days is 52 minutes which isn’t bad, but definitely nowhere near 45.

However, instead of obsessing, I’ve decided to just approach it with a positive mindset and run the fastest race I can and damn the time. This run is pretty special to Ian and I for various reasons so the last thing I want to do is spend it moping about my time. There are always more races and more PRs to make and break. In fact if I run it in 52 minutes I’ll be a full six minutes faster than last year and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Here’s to running for the love of it!

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  1. You’re going to rock it!! Before a race, I always tell myself to just do the best I can!! That’s all you can ask of yourself!! 🙂 XOXO!!

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