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April 13, 2014


A minute and 32 seconds off my goal time. I was second guessing myself all the way home wondering if I could have pushed a bit harder. In the end, I don’t think I could have.  I never found that groove when everything just clicks and you’re flying and feel like you can run forever.  It was the run when you’re distinctly aware of every step and feel like you earn every kilometre.  So keeping that in mind, I’m proud that I was able to push through and turn in a respectable result.  I knocked about three minutes off my time from last year and came in 164th out of 3129 women and 25th in my age category. Not too bad!

Ian completely killed it. We finished one second apart last year and this year he turned in a 43 minute and change performance. So proud of him! I will obviously need to push myself a little harder so I can kick his ass in the nicest way possible next year (love you sweetie!).

All in all a good day. Next up is the Toronto Women’s Half on May 25th!

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  1. Great job YOU!!! Very nice performance!! You should be SO proud!!

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