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Training Plan

April 21, 2014

New training schedule time! Now that I have a half marathon in five short weeks I’m dialing back the weight training and amping up the running.  My problem is that most of my work-out plans have revolved around traditional body splits with running or HIIT added in for cardio. Now that weights aren’t the focus of the plan, I’m having to rethink how I work out.

I’ve put together the following plan and will tweak it as I go. Core exercises aren’t listed but will be done on running days in the evening.  I’ve listed a range for distances t0 show how the mileage will increase over the next five weeks.

Monday – Upper Body
Three circuits repeated three times each w/ one minute sprints on the treadmill after every circuit. Each circuit includes a move for back, chest and shoulders.

Tuesday – 12K-15K run

Wednesday – Lower Body
Three sets each of squats, leg press, sumo squats and wall sits.

Thursday – 10K-12K run

Friday– Rest

Saturday – 17-23K run

Sunday – 5K recovery run (more of a jog – just to keep the legs loose)

If you have thoughts or comments, please share! I’m open to suggestions!

  1. Wow, NICE workout plan!!! Go you!! XOXO!! 🙂

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