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April 25, 2014

Long run on tap for tomorrow morning. And you know what will be fueling that run? Thoughts of brunch at Cardinal Rule, a cute diner style restaurant in my ‘hood. I have dreams about their coconut pancake although I’ve only had it once in about three years. Love that they have so many vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. Everything on the menu speaks to me (hello breakfast pie!!) but I’m leaning towards the spinach eggs benny sans hollandaise because, let’s face it, you might as well just pour liquid fat over your eggs. Delicious, creamy fat to be sure, but still.

Have yet another brunch on Sunday. This one a big family celebration for my parents’ anniversary. Then Monday Ian and I have a dinner to celebrate one of his milestones. Needless to say I will be eating well over the next few days. It’s probably a good thing I have two runs and a weights session coming up.

Some runspiration for my fellow runners out there. Let’s get out and take full advantage of our weekends!



  1. Have a great run, k?!!! Yes!! I answered for you because I know you will!!! Mmmm, enjoy your delicious food!! Sounds amazing!! XOXO! 😉

  2. Running and brunch, two of my favorite things!

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