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April 26, 2014


Ran 18.5K first thing this morning, then walked 7K (roundtrip) to my brunching spot and back. I have sat down on the couch and am legitimately fearful that I won’t ever get up again. This is a problem because my glass of water is empty and I’m parched. Can someone please come to my house and fetch me some water? Or maybe bring me an Americano? Is that too much to ask?

I’ve been experimenting with pre-run fuel the past couple of weeks. I typically run on an empty stomach since I just roll out of bed, into my running clothes and onto the streets, but these longer runs require a little more than my glycogen stores offer. Last week I had half of one these PowerBars that came in my swag bag from the Yonge St 10K. While it was delicious and definitely did the trick, it was also obviously full of chemicals and fake sugar. I’d have one again in a pinch but don’t want to make a habit out of them.  This week I decided to try something a little more natural and go with the traditional banana and nut butter. Sadly, there was no nut butter in the house (yes I ate the last of it right out of the jar. So sue me). Desperation is the mother of invention however, and so, I came up with a very easy and YUMMY substitute.

Ingredients (serves one)

  • 1/2 large banana, cold
  • 12 raw almonds
  • Piece of tinfoil (don’t worry, you won’t eat this)

You’re going to want your almonds in itty bitty pieces, so either pulverize them in a food processor, or do what I did pre-Ninja and put them in a sandwich bag and hammer the hell out of them with a wooden spoon. Once they’re in small pieces (not powder), pour them onto your sheet of tinfoil. Holding the ends of the banana, roll and press until well coated.  Not all of it will stick and that’s ok. Now wrap the banana in the tinfoil with all the left over almond pieces and leave it on the counter overnight.

When you wake up for your surise run, the vast majority of the almonds will now be sticking to the banana. I am fancy (ha!) so I placed mine on a decorative plate and ate it with a fork. Sure, you could just eat the banana and twelve whole almonds, but THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER. You’re going to have to trust me.

It's more appetizing than it looks.

It’s more appetizing than it looks.













The banana was a definite success in the energy department but I think I’m going to try a date and fig creation next week or I might attempt those ill-fated almond apricot bars again. If they’re yummy, I’ll definitely post about them.

Oh and because I know you’re all burning with curiosity, brunch was indeed eggs benny without hollandaise but with bacon and a big ass salad. It was more than worth the walk!


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  1. Great job on run and YUUUUUM!!!!!

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