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Training Check In

April 29, 2014

So can we all just admit that we’ve pissed Mother Nature off? Holy crap. Between the tornadoes in the US, the flash flood warnings in Western Canada and the constant rain and wind here in Toronto, it’s kind of obvious that she is NOT happy. There was a brief moment in time today when I contemplated leaving the office so I could start work on my ark. Not to be too glib when so many people are suffering of course, because it has been something to behold. I was out running this morning and was being pushed sideways and backwards (often at the same time) by the crazy winds. I can’t imagine those winds times a hundred. The sheer strength of them must be overwhelming.

Speaking of running, training is coming along very well. I was secretly a bit worried that the steady increase in my distance and volume of runs over the past couple of weeks would trigger some kind of nagging injury in either my heel or adductor, but, so far, no pain at all.  In fact it feels like the old days when I could run for what seemed like forever completely pain free. It’s amazing what a good doctor, stretching and proper technique can do.

Less than a month to go! Starting to get real!


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One Comment
  1. Yaaay, awesome job on your runs and fabulous, less than a month away! I love your enthusiasm! XOXO!

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