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May 4, 2014

It’s Sunday evening. I have been wide awake since THREE THIS MORNING for no reason other than my body obviously hates me. Finally got up at 5:00 and hit the gym for a core workout then did a quick 5K run. I was hoping this would either wake me up or tire me out enough that I’d fall back to sleep.  Neither of these things happened. Instead I basically sleep walked through most of the day including a trip to get my new helmet for the riding lessons that start next weekend.

Tweaked my training plan a bit so starting a new routine tomorrow. I found that only having one day of upper body work was not nearly enough and doing a heavy day of legs was really wearing me out for running the next day (go figure). Decided to try to break it up a bit and do lighter legs multiple days and mix them with either chest or back. Let’s see how this goes:

Monday – Back/Shoulders/Legs
  • Lat pull downs / military presses / leg presses
  • Seated rows / barbell pull-up / Wall sits
  • Cable back flies

Tuesday – 15K

Wednesday – Chest and Legs
  • Bench press / Front Shoulder Raises / Squats
  • Incline press / Shoulder flies / Sumo squats
  • Cable chest flies
Thursday – 13K

– Rest

– 18-23K

– 5K and core
I was thinking of throwing some sprint intervals in with the weights but considering how quickly I’ve built up the distances, I want to give myself a bit of a break. Planning on reevaluating after the half at the end of May. Now I think it’s time for bed and hopefully a very solid night of sleep!
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