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May 7, 2014

I present my random thoughts of the day from waking up, hitting the gym, working and chilling at home. Welcome to my mind!

  • Best. Sleep. Ever.
  • I wish I could pet a raccoon.
  • For the love of god, stop hogging the smith machine.
  • It’s like the trees started budding overnight. They were definitely not that green yesterday.
  • Oh! A Dairy Queen is opening  here? I could totally go for a Skor Blizzard sometime this summer. I should call Sandra and make a Blizzard date.
  • Egg peeling FAIL.
  • How much coffee is too much?
  • Is this conversation actually taking place?
  • Bake sale in the kitchen? Damn. I’m off that day.
  • OK, focus.
  • Crap. Gotta get out of here or I’m going to be late.
  • SO GOOD. Love me some sweet potato.
  • Maybe I’ll just have one dried apricot.
  • Step away from the dried fruit Sara.
  • What should I make for lunch tomorrow? Oh right. Salad and tuna. How exciting.
  • Better blog before it gets late. Wish I had something interesting to talk about today.




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  1. Hehe, I want to pet a raccoon, too!! Ha, I think about being starving a lot, too and about eating dried fruit too much!! Haha! You’re fabulous!! XOXO!

    • We may be the same person. HA! xo

      • Hehe, I definitely think so!! XOXO!!!

      • NOOO you guys! Lately around here there’s been some raccoons and skunks with rabies and distemper whose brains are so melted that they wander up to humans and let them pet them, before they bite the humans! It’s been a problem in North Texas. So if a raccoon ever comes up to you willingly, do. not. pet. it. Haha, sorry to throw cold water on your dreams!

      • YIKES! So much for the cute and cuddly fantasy. HA!

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