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May 14, 2014

It’s raining, I’m sick and spent the whole day is sweats. Perfect day for easy comfort food.

For lunch I went completely low effort and mixed a can of sardines with my absolute favourite prepared salad of the moment. It’s hard to justify the $4 a bag considering I could easily make it myself, but there are times we all need a good shortcut.  Note though, that adding the dressing and cranberries significantly increases the calorie count. A serving of kale, brussel sprouts, cabbage and other veggies should not run you 150 calories. Hold the dressing and most of the sugared cranberries and just add some balsamic vinegar.  You’ll have a much healthier salad that’s still delicious.

Come dinner time I decided to kick it up just a notch or two and made some baked squash with a spring mix salad. It’s a kick ass healthy meal that tastes so good you think you’re “cheating”. Half an acorn squash is only about 100 calories but provides over 20% of your potassium, 3 grams of fiber and a crap-load (yes that’s the technical term) of vitamin C, B-6, iron and magnesium. Get some protein in there with some ground chicken/turkey or even a bean chili if you’re vegetarian and you’re golden.

Of course now I’m craving chocolate as I usually do when I feel sorry for myself.  Luckily the previously mentioned sweat pants and rain are conspiring to keep me indoors. This is why I don’t keep temptation in the house. If I’m too lazy to go to the store, I obviously don’t really need whatever I’m craving. Going to make myself some orange cinnamon tea instead and catch up on some reading. Hoping to be at least 80% when I wake up tomorrow.

One Comment
  1. Ohhhh yum, orange cinnamon tea- that sounds like a yummy plan!!! Baked squash is delicious!!!

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