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Raccoon City

May 15, 2014

Let me tell you about my run this morning.

The city was quiet and foggy and, other than the odd car passing by, it felt like I was the only person left in the world. I was running through a neighbourhood that borders on a ravine but I wasn’t really paying attention to my surroundings. I had my music turned up and was pushing myself, a mantra of “harder, faster, don’t slow down” on repeat in my head. Seemingly out of nowhere (thanks to the fog), a bus came barreling up the street and then hit the breaks for no apparent reason. The commotion broke my concentration and I was ready to be grumpy with this intrusion into my zone. Then I saw why the driver had stopped so suddenly and I pulled up as well.

Carefully crossing the street smack in front of that bus was a mama raccoon with five little babies toddling along behind her.  She looked at me and stopped as did all her babies, so I backed up a couple of steps and the family continued on their way. I looked up at the bus driver and we smiled at each other and he shook his head ruefully probably knowing full well that these are the same animals we’ll curse when they overturn our garbage cans. They finally got across the road and the bus drove on while I stood and watched the last baby get a little turned around and try to climb a wall instead of the steps next to it. He started mewling and his mom came back and herded him over to the steps and away the family went.

I smiled. I turned off the music. The birds were singing, I could hear the sounds of the city waking up and the water from the river. I noticed the mineral smell and how the air felt just a bit different closer to the ravine. I started running again and just focused on my breathing and the slap of my feet on the pavement. I fell into an easy rhythm and finished that run on an incredible high. All thanks to some raccoons.

Not the actual family, but c' cute are they?!

Not the actual family, but c’mon…how cute are they?!

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  1. I’m obsessed with raccoons!!! They’re so cute!!! I love your story!!! XOXO!!!

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