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District Oven

May 21, 2014

I can imagine that my “you have to eat here” posts are annoying to those who live outside of Toronto, so fair warning, this will be one of those posts.

District Oven. You HAVE to eat here. Just came from a wonderfully relaxing, enjoyable meal. The space is beautiful (love the tin roof), the waiter made some killer recommendations and the food was pretty much perfect. My girlfriend and I shared everything: grilled calamari and the labaneh dip (yogurt based) to start and the cauliflower steak with risotto and a baked white snapper as our mains.  I could easily eat that cauliflower dish every day for the next six months and not get bored. I actually got the little that was left wrapped up for Ian, but ended up eating it as soon as I got home. I am a bad partner. Lucky for me I’m charming.

Needless to say I am very full. I can’t even run all this food off because I did my last run of my taper week this morning. A measly 7K that just left me wanting more. I will be chomping at the bit come Sunday morning, which I guess is the point.

Anyway, highly recommend a visit to District Oven if you’re in the ‘hood. And if you’re not, maybe a trip to Toronto is in order!

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