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May 25, 2014

My first half marathon is officially in the books!

Results: 1:50:45 / 14th in my age group / 73rd overall. BOOYAH!!

Kept a steady pace and felt great right until around the last few kilometres when I hit the wall. My pace was all over the place while I struggled to find a rhythm I could sustain. My go to mantra of “get comfortable with being uncomfortable”, relaxing into the pain and visualizing the finish line (and the celebratory cheeseburger) were what got me through the final 2K.

So happy and exhausted right now. Tried to take a nap but I’m too keyed up to sleep so I’m going to sit on the front porch and read in the sun. Looking forward to my day off tomorrow and the massage and pedi I have booked.

Some pics from the day:


So many pre-race jitters!

photo (6)

Could I look more exhausted?


So worth it though (finisher’s NECKLACE instead of medal)


Obligatory food porn.

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  1. Yaaaaay, you did it!!! Xoxo!!! That’s a fabulous time and relaxing into pain is such a key element in running a successful race!!! Have a great rest of the weekend!!!

    • Thank you!!! Looks like we both had great race weekends!

      • Yes!!! Very true!!!! Xoxo!!! Congratulations again!!! You did such a great job!!! You’re a fast girl!!!

  2. How! This is awesome, congrats

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