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Bok Choy & Cabbage Stir Fry

May 28, 2014

We have previously discussed the nutritional benefits of both bok choy and cabbage. Today I am going to blow your mind and get you to cook them together. Don’t argue with me! This is happening. Use the following as a base and add meat/tempeh/tofu to it for your protein. I used beef tonight so that’s what this recipe calls for, but really use your imagination.

Ingredients (serves 2 or 3)

  • 1 package beef stir fry strips
  • 1/2 a medium head of red cabbage, chopped (you can use green as well but I like the mix of colours)
  • 4 bundles bok choy
  • No sodium beef broth
  • Low sodium soy sauce
  • Garlic powder
  • Salt and pepper

Season your beef with the garlic, salt and pepper. Using a large saute or frying pan, heat a couple of glugs of beef broth with two splashes of soy sauce. Add the beef and cook for just a few minutes. They should still be quite red when you remove them from the heat.

Set those aside and add the cabbage into the same pan. Allow it to simmer for about ten minutes, stirring occasionally. Add additional broth if required. When the cabbage is walking the fine line between tender and soft, add the bok choy to the mix. Let the bok choy wilt slightly, then stir to mix with the cabbage. Cook for another five to ten minutes.

Add your beef back into the pan and stir well to combine. Add another splash or two of soy sauce, keeping in mind the outrageous sodium content. And that’s it – you are ready to eat!

If you want to include another nutritional powerhouse with the meal, the addition of a sweet potato boiled and mashed with a little vegetable broth is a good one. You could also chop it into small pieces and add it right to the stir-fry if you were so inclined.

Finish dinner off with a piece or two of dark chocolate because you deserve it damn it!


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